[School of Hard Knocks] Tonight on Toggle

A lot has been happening in the household - her diagnosis of diabetes, her son’s impending incarceration, kids growing up and their usual teenager problems. 

Some people might wonder, “if she cannot even fix her own life, her own family, why does she bother about others?”. But such is the heart of Mel, that she keeps giving and giving even if she’s left with nothing. Time and again, we’ve been confronted with unhealthy relationships, betrayal and get taken for granted, but somehow she finds it in her heart to forgive. 

Tonight, we all sit at 318 for group dinner and to watch Unbroken together. Unbroken is a 13 half-hour docudrama series based on the lives of selected individuals. Tonight’s episode is on Mel and it starts at 10pm on Channel 5. It was filmed late last year, and I think it will be a mix bag of feelings for us - listening to Mel narrate her very tragic story during her growing up years and also laughing at the kids’ acting (they were roped in to act some parts!).

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