Open call for ‘Thank You Mr Lee’ book

On 23 March 2015, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, the architect of Singapore, passed on and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong declared a week of national mourning. The collective sense of loss felt by Singaporean has been expressed in different ways - through tributes on various social media platforms, paying their last respect at the Parliament house as well as the many tribute centres around the island. 

Over the weekend, when it became clear that his passing was imminent, some of us began asking if Platform ought to do a LKY book. We contacted a publisher who said ‘yes’ to this collaboration immediately. 

In the last couple of days, many of us went out and made pictures to commemorate or ‘deal’ with our feelings. 

We, Bernice and Juliana, with the support of Kay Chin and Darren, have since decided that it would be important to make this LKY book. This will not only be a way to remember him, but also how we, as a nation, coped with the loss of a great man and how we’re moving on from here. 

We want to provide a little Platform to bear witness to our nation’s loss and the new chapter that is to come.
If you have shot something meaningful, we would like to invite you to send in your image(s) to be considered for this project. Each photographer can submit up to 8 images, but we would consider singles as well. 

You can submit your images (1000px on the long side, 72dpi) to, with the subject “LKY Platform Book”. 

This open call ends on 30 March, 1200. 

We look forward to your submission and will update with more details as they come in. Thanks. 

On behalf of the Platform team, 

Bernice, Juliana, Kay Chin and Darren

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