Only way is up.

What a cliche title but some days this rings true for me. It’s been a rainy few days here in Singapore and now that football season has resumed, it also means shooting in the rain. It brings me back to the first time I had to photograph a game in the rain. 

It was 20 Aug ‘22, Hougang vs Young Lions at Hougang Stadium. The first half went great, but it started pouring in the second half. There was no shelter in the photographers’ zone, I had no raincoat or wet-weather gear, but I kinda had to still shoot the game. I was paid to do so - how could I back out just because I was ill-prepared and inexperienced for such a scenario. Got a poncho from the home team, went out and braved the rain. The images weren’t great. It was lack lustre and I was definitely disappointed.

But I learn. Through the good and the bad, there’s always something you can take home from there. I’m now better equipped for the rain and a tad bit more confident for such elements. Last Tuesday’s shoot for Geylang-Young Lions was under a heavy downpour. Waterlogged pitch, poor visibility and it got quite cold at times, but my first exposure to bad weather in Aug ‘22 has made me a slightly better photographer. I was ready with my army-green poncho, hobbling around. I knew when to be out in the rain and when to be in the shelter for a bit. I had an extra cloth to wipe down my lens when it was damp. ‘twas cold and wet, but all was good. The rain allowed for some dramatic looking images too.

Really, after a bad day/game/episode, the only way is up - if you allow for it. There’s always a silver lining waiting to be noticed, realised, worked on. The more I err and am active about learning from it, the better it is for me. Same goes for you - to whomever is reading this - don’t mope, work on it ;)

If it’s to be, it’s up to me.

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