Funds for Ramadan 2020

[Update | May 22, 2020]

Just wanted to keep everyone who contributed in the loop. Despite the economy being in doldrums, we’ve been incredibly blessed to have raised half a grand in a few days. Definitely surpassed what we were hoping to raise, so thank you vv much! We’ve sent out 119 meals to 16 friends, twice a week. Soulfood Catering was an obvious winner with the kids and Brett (the charming co-owner) had been so generous in topping up our nasi lemak sets with putu piring from the makcik beside. 

Also, qt Ryan celebrated his birthday at home with half of his family. The day before, he had sent me a one-liner “tomorrow is my birthday” at 4.43am, haha.  A bit surreal that this boy is now 12. Soon he won’t be video-calling and sending over adorable messages and tiktok vids to me anymore? :(


[April 20, 2020]

Woke up last morning to a text from an old friend, Shaun, asking for recommendations to an organization to donate to during such times and it prodded me to put together something for the few families I’ve been serving. 

Long story short, the aforementioned convo sparked an open call (me on trusty IG story and Qq through her own networks) for some $$ so that the bunch of us can send out happy meals, twice a week, to our kids in Yishun and Woodlands during Ramadan. Sure, there are organizations that dispense free food to families in need but I’m also acutely aware of how there’s always the need for verification (ugh this can be v degrading and dehumanizing at times) and that sometimes the food isn’t the most delectable or appetizing either. 

Of course, there are two camps out there – one being those who would vehemently argue and assert, ‘it’s free food, they should just take whatever is given.’ But the renegade in me on the other end/hand wants to advocate for them to get some nutritious, wholesome albeit pricier meals too. During this month of Ramadan, please allow me to occasionally indulge them in a dinner set from Hjh Maimunah resto or a good portion of sinful mutton briyani, because if you can, why can’t they?

We will also be getting them some goodies and groceries to cruise them through iftar and sahur. So, if you’d like to contribute, can always ping me at 97698301 and I’ll hit you with more deets. Might score you some karma points and land you in the (elusive) Good Place.

Also, writing this to remember that the youths of today aren’t as apathetic as we make them be. Most pleasantly surprised and moved by two fellas I’ve been working with in the last couple of years. Shout out to Charmaine for soliciting donations from all her woke Cedar and VJ friends. Doesn’t matter whether it’s $2.90 or $30, it’s really that little gesture that matters. Thanks for giving up your days’ worth of bubble tea or delivery for ‘em. Also, to my not-so-kid-anymore Mervin who has been delaying getting his back injury fixed because “too expensive”, yet first few to step forward and contribute a sizeable % of his paltry army pay. You both make me very proud <3

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