Breath of Life

One of the most significant health issues facing Cambodia is the disproportionately high mortality rate of neonates (babies under 28 days old), which currently stands at 1 out of 33.

Whilst post-neonatal mortality rates have dwindled substantially by 200 percent over the past decade, neonatal mortality rates have fallen only by 37 percent (Cambodia Demographic and Health Survey 2010). This issue remains far more acute in rural areas where neonatal mortality rates are three times higher than in urban centres.

Inasmuch as evident strides have been made in Cambodia's healthcare industry, persistent inequalities exist between neonatal mortality rates in urban and rural areas where deliveries typically take place in the home setting, and where women often lack access to skilled care.

This work-in-progress looks to explores the thin line between life and death in Cambodia; looking at birth practices, health care services as well as both pre and post-delivery routines and practices.

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